Pick-up & Return
How does it work?

You book via this website and pay by online (credit/debit card, paypal, google pay, apple pay, …). All availabilities are displayed live.

After booking you will receive an email with a PIN code. With this PIN code you can open the lock of the bike.

If you book several bikes, you will also receive several PIN codes.

Please note that the PIN code is only valid during the rental period.

How do I return the bike?

Before the end of the rental period, you must put the bike back and lock it. For this you use the same code that you already used for the pickup.

Please note that this code is only valid until the end of the rental period. Please be on time.

The lock does not open. What should I do?

Please check first whether the rental period has already started. The access code is only activated at the start of the rental period (to the second!).

Then please make sure that you are on the right bike and enter the code correctly, followed by the confirmation key (bottom row on the right). 

If the lock still does not open, please contact us at 0043 670 3500425.

We are working largely without staff. This means that the payment has to be made via the booking process on our website.
Only through our very lean process can we offer such low prices for high-quality, almost new E-Bikes.
In addition, the bike in your size could be sold out exactly when you want to use it. This cannot happen with a booking.
You don’t have to book days in advance though, you can also spontaneously check availability on our website, pay online and start cycling!
Can I also book for longer periods?
Yes, of course. Periods of up to two weeks can be booked online, the hourly price or daily price becomes cheaper the longer the rental period.

If you would like to rent for an even longer period or a different period (e.g. 10 days), please send us an email to info@fahrrad-mieten.at – we will then make you an offer if there is availability.

How can I rent more than one E-bike?
You can add several e-bikes (in different frame sizes) to the shopping cart and then pay together.
It’s very simple: First, add an E-bike in the first frame size at your desired time. Then you can click on “Continue shopping” and add another E-bike (possibly with a different frame size). All other E-bikes automatically take over the same rental period as the first E-bike.
Can you explain the cancellation policy?

Sure: cancel up to 1 hour before the start of the rental and you will get 90% of the rental price back.

We want to make it easy for you to change plans.

How does the GPS navigation work?

There are GPX files for all the tours we recommend, and this allows to easily follow the recommended route. The start and finish is at the SOCCERzone.

Quick “how to”:

You can find an overview of the routes we recommend here: Routes .

There you select the desired route. On the detail page of the route there is then a button “Load route”. This will take you to the map and you can load this route into the “BikeGPX” app with a click on the bottom right. You can easily install this app if it is not already on your mobile phone.

You can prepare this at home, it only takes a few moments.

Following the route is then very easy, because each of our e-bikes has a holder for your mobile phone. Pretty much every commercially available mobile phone fits in this holder.

How do I find the right frame size?

The recommended body size is included with each model. So you can easily see if the bike is right for you. 

Can I transport things?

Each of our bikes has a spacious pannier in which you can stow your luggage.

What should I take with me?

That depends on the weather: on hot days don’t forget drinking water and sunscreen, on cooler days you can stow a jacket in the pannier.

How do you deal with damage?

We expect every renter to return the bike and accessories as they received it. Damage can of course occur: the renter must report this to us and the bike will be immediately blocked for further rentals.

The bikes are insured with a deductible of €120. This deductible is not charged for damage that is not self-inflicted and that is reported immediately.

In the case of self-inflicted damage that you report in time, you are only liable for a maximum of €120.

If you do not report damage but keep it secret, your liability is unlimited, for the full amount of the damage.

Who is liable in case of theft?

The requirements to limit your liability in case of theft to 120 € max. are as follows:

  • When unattended, the E-Bike must always be chained to a fixed object.
  • You must report the theft to police with all relevant details, and submit the report to us.

Otherwise you are fully liable.


Yes, each bike comes with a one-size helmet and a lock.


We do have one E-bike for children (24″, as of ~1.40m tall).

Our smallest frame size of the normal E-Bikes (S for Crossover eBikes) is suitable for people over 1.55m tall. So this might be an option for children aged 12 and older.

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to determine if a child is mature enough to operate an E-bike.

Du hast eine andere Frage? Schicke uns eine email an info@fahrrad-mieten.at,

oder ruf uns an unter 0670-3500425.

Du hast eine andere Frage?

Schicke uns eine email an info@fahrrad-mieten.at, ruf uns an unter 0670-3500425, oder kontaktiere uns per Whatsapp über den Button unten rechts.